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FALCON Clinical Study

FALCON is a Phase 3 clinical study evaluating the effectiveness and safety of bardoxolone methyl (an oral investigational drug) in patients with Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease (ADPKD). Approximately 850 patients, at 200 study centers, will be enrolled in FALCON around the world.

Before participating in FALCON, patients must complete two screening visits at one of the study centers. Eligible patients after enrollment will receive either bardoxolone methyl or placebo (an inactive capsule). Patients will be randomly assigned (like by the flip of a coin) to either bardoxolone methyl or placebo. The group of patients assigned to bardoxolone methyl will be compared to the group of patients assigned to placebo in order to help researchers better understand the effects of bardoxolone methyl. The study team will follow all patients closely throughout study participation.

All participants will follow the same visit schedule and will be asked to complete the same study procedures. Participation in FALCON is planned to last up to 2 years and will include about 24 study visits and 6 scheduled phone calls.

FALCON Study Duration

< 90 days  Week 1 - Week 100 Week 100 – Week 112

The investigational drug, study-related procedures, and doctor visits will be provided at no cost. If you travel to the site for your study visits, travel expenses may be reimbursed, and compensation for study-related time may be provided. The study team will update you should there be a change in the procedures or visits.

The design of this study is intended to provide the shortest path possible to generating data that will answer the important questions researchers are asking.

FALCON at a Glance

Extended Access Program – Patients who complete FALCON may be eligible to receive the investigational drug, bardoxolone methyl.